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“The course has good content, it is well structured and the teacher has been patient and explained very well. The exercises to practice were adequate and help a lot to review the subject. If I had to recommend someone a Python introductory course, it would certainly be this "


"All the teachers and administrators who were involved in the project showed a real interest in us, their students. They showed patience when someone did not assimilate a concept and, with a little work on our own that was sent to us, we received a more than valid first push to the world of Pytho "n


"I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge about Python considering that I was starting from scratch.

The didactic material has been adjusted very well, with examples and exercises to be able to apply the knowledge learned.

Regarding the teacher, I have to say that he seems to me to be a super professional staff, with a lot of knowledge, dedicated and dedicated, always predisposed to help students.

Regarding the rest of the staff, I must also say that they are doing altruistic work that in these times must be valued "


"It really is a course that teaches you to program Python from scratch programming knowledge. It is very demanding but approachable (requires a firm commitment from the student), and the teaching staff masters the subject: all this affects the quality of what I learned. Without a doubt, it is worth the effort "


“I have loved learning to program in Python, so much so that I am seriously considering dedicating myself to it professionally from now on. The user experience throughout the course has been excellent, receiving support from AI Network at all levels: management, administration and faculty. It is a highly recommended course to start in the world of programming "

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