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AI comm
Network of Communication Managers in transformation with AI


AI Comm is a community designed to bring together managers from the communication and information sectors to lead the application of Artificial Intelligence in their professional field.

Artificial Intelligence is beginning to transform companies, and will be a fundamental element for their survival and growth. Faced with this challenge, AI-Network organizes this network of communication managers who participate directly in this transformation, with the aim of sharing experiences and ideas.

About the AI training


about us

Communication Managers

AI Comm is a community designed to bring together leaders and managers from the Communication and Information sectors.


Our members include c-level managers in the communication sector, media professionals and leaders in innovation in the information field.



To move faster and better

We have come together to not only adapt to the change that AI is causing in communication and information, but to actively lead it. We understand that AI is redefining the way we interact with information and how we communicate.


We want to go beyond simple adaptation. We seek to be leaders in this space, promoting collaboration, reflection and debate. For example, one of our initiatives focuses on the ethics of AI in communication, exploring challenges such as algorithmic biases and liability in automatic content generation.


By coming together, we aim to create an ecosystem where professionals can collaborate, learn and co-create the future of communication and information in the age of AI. 



Discussion and ideas meetings  

Our mission at AI Comm is to establish an active dialogue on the influence and development of AI in the Communication and Information sectors. We undertake activities such as discussion forums, meeting points and other collaborative initiatives.


These activities are designed to allow members to share

ideas, experiences, success stories and facing the challenges that AI presents in our fields

AI Comm Team​​

  • Mónica González Ortín - Director of AI Comm

  • María Gil - Director of Communcation AI-Network

  • Tomas Martinez Buero - President of AI-Network

If you are a manager in the communication or information sector and would like to be part of AI Comm, write to

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