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ia & DATA Cluster
of Madrid

Technology Cluster

AI-Network is in the process to set up a technology cluster focused on Artificial Intelligence & Data with the City Council of Madrid. The clusters, hubs or technological poles facilitate this transformation of the productive model by concentrating an ecosystem of innovation in a physical space together with the most relevant actors in the technological and business world.

This cluster in Madrid will be the first node of the "European Network of Artificial Intelligence & Data Clusters", which will be a network of clusters in the main cities of Europe, aiming to exchange experiences and knowledge, with the common goal of making Europe a leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence.

The AI-Cluster of Madrid, besides hosting events of AI-Network, also focuses on this main areas:

AI & DATA Competency Center

A technological cluster must be, among other things, a space for collaboration between the academic world and the companies.

And one of the most effective forms of collaboration is working jointly on projects with immediate practical value for companies, reducing their innovation cycles in AI & Data.


Most technological startups have similar challenges, from getting financing and customers, to finding technical professionals.

When it comes to a very specific technology where there are no professionals with the necessary knowledge of AI & Data, the difficulties for startups are even greater.

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