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AI-LABS are multidisciplinary working groups made up of experts in an AI area, volunteers and committed to the project. Its objective is to focus on a specific use case to develop Innovations that implement Artificial Intelligence. Each Lab focuses on a specific area of ​​AI and is led by a leading Professional in that field. 

To achieve its objectives, the group focuses on developing a Minimum Viable Product and conducting Concept Tests to validate it. Some of these Teams could lead to future independent AI Network Startups if a product can be developed that adds enough value to be marketed.

  • Carry out beneficial innovations for society through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Provide a space for people interested in expanding the frontiers of the Vanguard of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Encourage AI to be used responsibly and beneficial to society.

  • Get people to cooperate harmoniously by building cohesive and motivated teams.


If you have a background with training and experience that fits with any of the current groups and you want to join, send an email to or get in touch through the form by clicking "join". Below you have a list of the current groups and below the principles that govern their operation.



Artificial Intelligence & Data applied to industrial processes. We develop Proof of Concept and MPV to reduce operational costs and / or increase quality.

ai neuroscience

We research and develop Artificial Intelligence use cases applied to Neuroscience: one of the fastest-growing and with the greatest potential field.

ÑLP (Natural language proccesing in spanish)

NLP is an AI and a linguistic field that studies the computers and human language interaction. Here we work to develop this field in Spanish.


This working group has, as its first objective, the definition of a set of norms and rules that allow the development of a technological framework that automatically verifies the ethical behavior of an artificial intelligent system.

emotion ai

Artificial Emotional Intelligence includes the development of AIs that percieve and understand human emotions, and/or help humans to manage them.


In this Lab we are working to develop some innovations related to the exciting field of Medical Image Processing with Artificial Neural Networks.

Start your own group

Are you interested in a subject and you don’t find an existing AI-Lab? Contact us and we will help you to create the group and gather more people interested from the AI-Network Members pool and other networks.

AI-LABS Principles Manifesto

Tough we pretend the AI-LABS are strongly independent and self-managed, as they are within the AI-Network matrix, we offer a Principle Manifesto so that they can operate as working guidelines.

ai-labs principles manifesto


The AI-LABS are working teams composed with volunteers developing, researching or talking about a specific subject related to Data & AI.


What do we expect from you as an AI-LAB member? To acomplish the tasks you commit with in your group, and to foster a positive environment within the members. Although it is a voluntary group, people who are not actively involved in the group will not be admitted. We expect you to be open to the participation of all the members, respecting other's opinions.

Each group has a Coordinator, who is usually a person with experience in the field of work and directs the activities of that AI Lab. What is expected of the group? That it generates a common objective and successive steps are taken towards achieving it.



The groups are below the AI-Network matrix, but they will have a working autonomy.


AI-Network offers to the AI-LABS its professional network pool, composed by more than 1.000 members, so that the team can contact and gather people, and promote or highlight the projects in its networks. In the future AI-Network might provide help in orther to find funding, as well as offering other resources to the groups.


Every group is ment to enrich their members, projects and the AI ecosystem (composed by companies, institutions and society).


The AI-LABS provide a breeding ground that can stimulate the raising of future startups or collaborate with already existing companies or institutions.


The ideas developed, debated and brought into the AI-LABS will be open and free, since the group is open and its goal is to foster all the members development through the multiplier power of a group.

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