We are AI-Network

A network and think tank of AI professionals, companies and institutions, with the objective to promote and support the early adoption of AI in companies and in the Society.


Who should be a member of AI-Network

Professionals that are already working in AI projects or want to work in AI, many of them collaborating in projects based on Data, that is the fuel that moves the AI.

Students, Professor and Researchers of AI, Computer Science, Maths, Robotics and other related sciences and technologies.

Entrepreneurs that are using -or want to use- AI as the key ingredient in their companies and projects.

Our working areas


We want to be the center of the knowledge creation of the Artifical intelligence industry.


We have a physical place where companies, startups and entrepreneurs can work together and create strong synergies.


The future starts by educating people on Artificial intelligence. No matter if you are an student or a senior.


We support startups who want to build Artificial intelligence use cases.


It's going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.

Colin Angle

News and Events

An event for those who want to make a career in Artificial Inteligence


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