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We have temporarily closed the form because enough people have already signed up to create  the first groups of students. The training of 1000 people is planned to be carried out in phases over the next few months. We will continue to be informed about the progress of the courses and the opening of new calls.

We also ask for patience from people who have already signed up. We will be in contact with them as we create the groups and organize the calendars with the teachers. Given the avalanche of registrations in a few hours, there will be people  to  which we will not be able to contact as quickly as we would like.  

Thank you


AI-Network, from the Artificial Intelligence Cluster that it leads together with the Madrid City Council, announces that  is going to teach programming for free  1,000 people over the next few months. It is an online training with  remote teacher, and is aimed at people who are unemployed or fear losing their job. After the completion of the course we will facilitate the incorporation  to the world of work organizing internships with companies.

Faced with the serious health crisis that we are suffering, and preparing to face a very tough economic crisis, each of us has to contribute what we know so that together we can move forward and no one is left behind. And we not only know about Artificial Intelligence, we also know about software development. We will train 1000 new programmers because between  the jobs that will first be demanded again, will be those related to the  software development.

The course requires a dedication of 40 hours during 10 days, and in the first of them  we will use  the Python language to learn the basics of programming. In other courses we will use other languages and technologies. If you want to receive this training, fill in the  form and we will contact you to give you more information: FORM TEMPORARILY CLOSED

AI-Network is the Professional Association of Artificial Intelligence ( whose mission is to accelerate the use of Artificial Intelligence in companies and in Society in general, and which has as one of its most emblematic projects the Cluster of Artificial Intelligence that he leads together with the Madrid City Council. Now the world has changed and for the next few months we will work  from the Cluster in projects that have the maximum social and economic impact.

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